One of the most important resources for a veterinarian is access to accurate and rapid blood work results. Gulf Coast Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer the most advanced and accurate blood work diagnostic system available in veterinary medicine. The analyzers at Gulf Coast provide Dr. Sandifar critical information including blood chemistries, complete blood counts (CBCs), thyroid levels, and electrolyte values in less than twenty minutes.

Blood chemistries can tell our doctor important information regarding an animal’s organ function. Liver, and kidney function can accurately be determined with a blood draw. Blood chemistries are recommended prior to any surgery to help detect underlying conditions which may not be found on a physical exam alone. Blood chemistry values are also important whenever a pet may be sick to insure the liver and kidney are functioning properly.

Complete blood counts or CBCs provide an excellent overall view of your pet’s health. Red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets are measured with our CBC analyzer. The cell counts can indicate issues including dehydration, anemia, inflammation and leukemia.

Electrolyte values in an animal’s blood can indicate dehydration and whether or not the administration of fluids is necessary. They are also important in diagnosing kidney disease.

Finally, thyroid values can indicate diseases such as Cushing’s disease, as well as hypo and hyperthyroidism.

If your pet is facing a surgical procedure, or is simply not feeling well, blood work is an important component of the thorough exam your pet will receive at Gulf Coast Veterinary Hospital. If your pet is in need of a surgical procedure or not feeling well, call one of the compassionate team members at Gulf Coast to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sandifar.