Gulf Coast Veterinary Hospital’s main goal when it comes to serving the animal community is to always bring comfort and compassion to all hurt and ailing animals. Pain is a very hard symptom to treat, as most of the time it is subjective and not objective. What one pet may feel is a terrible injury, another may never let on that it is hurt. Dogs in general will not let on that they are in any type of pain because of an instinct to protect themselves from predators who prey on the weak. The best way to tell if a pet is in pain is to take your cues from them: poor mobility; slight whining when laying down or sitting up; decreased appetite; even snapping at their owners.

Acute pain is a recent onset of pain most likely due to an injury. In this case, our doctors will examine the animal, use x-rays and ultrasound where needed, and make a treatment plan based on their impression of the injury. Whether or not this includes surgery, keeping your pet comfortable throughout the process is our first priority. Chronic pain is usually seen in adult and senior pets that suffer from joint disease, arthritis and even some cancers. Usually a continuous low dose of pain medication is used to keep the discomfort at bay.